Four things to make life worth it.

This won’t be your mundane article telling you what not to do, don’t check your phone in the morning, don’t drink too much coffee, don’t sit on the couch all day. Change your perspective from don’t to do. These are four things that you can add to your day; things to shift the perspective.

Start your day with a new phrase.

Wake up every morning and straight away (yes, before your daily scroll on Twitter or Instagram.) Set the tone for your day by saying something along the lines of “today will be full of excitement” or “today i will feel energized” . Say something different every morning, repeat it throughout your day and watch happiness and joy unfold before your eyes. Make sure to mean it; genuinely feel what your saying will come true. These positive mantras set you up for excitement and energy, something we all lack at this given moment in time.

Change the setting on your shower to cold

Even if this is just before you jump out of a hot shower blast yourself with ice cold water and you will be quite literally shocked back into reality. The benefits that a few seconds of shivers will astound you. These icy showers have been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, energize and boost the immune system. If that’s not a simple addition with a big impact on your day then I don’t know what is.

Absorb the sunlight.

Don’t actually stare into the sun but sit for just a few minutes in your day and soak up the beams of the sun. Feel the warmth warm your heart. Relax and let the light inside you. These few minutes will allow for peace of mind, maybe repeat your saying of the day that we suggested in step one of how to make your day worth it.

Finally have a dance party.

To finish off your day even if it’s the 30 second dance party inspired by the infamous Grey and Yang. Turn on the music that makes you move and dance it all out. Dance your stress away while bopping out to Taylor Swift, Rhianna or anything that gets you in a good mood. This quick dance party fills you with endorphins and raises your heartbeat leaving you lifted and just tired enough for a restful sleep.

These simple additions to your everyday life only take a few minutes out of your precious time scrolling on TikTok. Get in the habit and get in the moment. These four things are all about being present and forgetting that your worries exist, even if it is just for a few minutes. By adding these four things into your busy schedule watch yourself grow, prosper, become the best version of you and make everyday worth it.

Aspiring journalist looking to write about anything and everything.

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Eimear Phelan

Eimear Phelan

Aspiring journalist looking to write about anything and everything.

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